Combyte Exports offers a wide range of product categories out of its manufacturing base from India.

Combyte exports factories with an installed capacity of 25,0 machines and produces approx 1.2 Million pcs annually. Combyte Exports factories are fully compliant and meet our customer requirements and believe in ethical and transparent working. Consistent SOPs are followed at our factory for quality and compliance with a control at corporate level.


Our manufacturing unit has a centralized cutting setup and is equipped with the latest cutting machines for ensuring precise & controlled cutting and minimum fabric wastage. The setup is backed with:

  • Eastman End Cutters.
  • Eastman Fabric Cutting Machines.
  • Eastman Band Knife Machines..
  • Hashima Fusing machines with up
    to 900 mm belt width.


The stitching unit at Combyte Exports is well-equipped with 70 advanced sewing machines that produce up to 2.5 Lakh pieces annually. With such an enormous production capacity, we hit our project deadlines without compromising on quality. The unit is equipped with the following machinery:

  • Single needle Lock stitch (UBT): Juki
  • Double-needle chain stitch machine
  • Special zig zag decorative stitch machine
  • 4&5 thread overlock
  • The feed of the Arm: Juki
  • Flat Lock machines with trimmers

Fabric Quality System

We follow 4.0 point system for fabric inspection. Simultaneously we also go rigorous 100% fabric checking for all kind of fabrics.

Inspections are done to identify following flaws :

  • Knitting/Weaving defects
  • Printing/dyeing defects
  • Needle Run/Dye Streaks
  • Skewing/Bowing
  • Holes/Needle Chew
  • Color Variation/Center Selvage

Various other defects are also detailed in report. All fabric lots are inspected & Color continuity card is prepared for every lot.

All our fabric has to go through the tests listed below in our in-house laboratory :

  • Shrinkages
  • Fabric Weight
  • Color Fastness
  • Crocking (Dry/Wet)
  • Dimensional stability
  • Torque
  • Ph Test


Combyte Exports outsourced washing machines to support production capacity. The plant is capable of washes like Softener wash, Enzyme wash and CPL process to reduce shrinkage level and has Perc dry-cleaning machine for stainless merchandise.


The finishing department is well supported with latest machines and trained personnel to ensure flawless merchandise. The finishing process is followed by the final inspection which is done carefully by in-house professional quality analysts. At Combyte Exports, we ensure quality by all means which is precisely the reason behind our success.

The finishing is well supported with :

  • Vacuum Ironing Tables
  • Thread Cutting Machine
  • Metal Detector Machine: Hashima

Objective of finishing is to give aesthetic look to the garments, hence finishing is called the brain of garment industry. Finishing is the most momentous division where in the raw products move rapidly from various stages to redefine it. Each & every stage in finishing has its role to play in to give the product its desired look. Presentation of the finished products itself tell about the product quality. To ensure garments are defect free, 100% garments are checked by passing through initial checking & final checking.

Garments are checked for :

  • Oil Stains / Stains.
  • Sewing defects such as open seam or skip/jump stitch
  • Button/Buttonhole placement
  • Pressing & balancing
  • 100% spec evaluation
  • Main label, Care label, Embroidery, Print, Hangtag & Price tickets.
  • Packing is done as lot wise

Quality Inspections

Final Inspections are conducted at based on buyer’s requirement. Besides final inspection every shipment undergoes Inline & Midline inspection to ensure product is maintained right from initial stage. We aim at First Time Right & hence continuous monitoring is done at end product.

Packing audit is conducted for every shipment to ensure garments are packed as per the buyer’s ratio. We have our internal Packing AQL which fulfills the requirement of international standards. Records are maintained for all internal inspections which are carried at every stage.

We at Combyte Exports do 100% inspection of trim before issuing it to production. All trims such as labels, Twill tape, Ribbons, Laces, Patches, Buttons undergoes lab testing. Twill tapes, Woven trims & Elastic are all preshrunk.